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InfoDevelopers specializes in FinTech solutions, offering advanced financial technology products and services to the needs of financial institutions and investment firms. The offerings include Core Banking Systems, Mobile Banking Applications, and Portfolio Management Software, designed to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. InfoDevelopers empowers clients to adapt to market trends, regulatory changes, and customer preferences seamlessly by utilizing advanced technologies and industry insights. With a relentless focus on innovation and client satisfaction, InfoDevelopers continues to redefine the future of finance through its transformative FinTech solutions.

mDabali Next Gen

mDabali Next Gen is an advanced banking platform, offering convenient and secured access to banking services via mobile devices. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates online and offline payment services into a single platform, eliminating the need for physical branch visits. With its user-friendly dashboard, users can navigate tasks effortlessly. From fund transfers to utility bill payments, account balance inquiries, and loan applications, users can manage their financial transactions with ease. Furthermore, mDabali Next Gen provides comprehensive insights into users' financial behavior, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their financial health.

Pumori Enterprise

Pumori Enterprises is an innovative and reliable banking software solutions designed specifically for Banks and Financial Institutions. It is a full-featured banking system which facilitates a wide range of banking operations from front end to back end. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Pumori Enterprises drives full automation and offers cost-effective upgrades and rapid migration options. It integrates functionalities like ERP, CRM, WF/DM, Reporting Server, 24-Hour Banking, and SWIFT Interface. With Pumori Enterprise, banks can streamline their operations, automate various banking processes, and effortlessly generate comprehensive reports, including MIS and NRB reports, in no time.


Infinity stands out as an exceptionally versatile core banking system tailored for Co-operatives & Microfinance Institutions. Engineered to cater unique requirements, the platform fosters their expansion while guaranteeing adherence to regulatory standards. By facilitating access to members through diverse delivery channels, Infinity has strengthened financial institutions operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Productivity Solution

We specialize in developing intricate enterprise solutions designed to meet diverse requirements, empowering clients to address their unique business challenges effectively. Our commitment lies in providing personalized, adaptable, and impactful solutions that enable businesses to succeed in today's dynamic and competitive landscape.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a software platform that simplifies and manages the tasks of the HR department within organizations. The system manages various HR functions, from employee data management to payroll processing, serving as a centralized repository for all employee-related information. The HRIS system helps in managing benefits, keeping track of employees’ performance, and providing employees with self-service portals for tasks like scheduling time-off and enrolling in benefits. Additionally, its time and attendance tracking features ensure compliance with labor regulations and make payroll calculations more accurate.

Budget Management System (Budget 360)

Budget 360 offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and financial institutions seeking to streamline budget management. It provides a structured framework for financial planning, tracking actual performance, and forecasting future trends. The system can be integrated with any CBS & others financial systems, promoting efficiency and seamless data flow. Budget 360 also offers real-time data analysis and scenario planning. Users can customize the system, set data alerts, and create personalized reports. Overall, Budget 360 is a valuable tool for optimizing budget management and improving financial performance.

Comprehensive Reconciliation System (CRS)

The CRS (Comprehensive Reconciliation System) is engineered to automate the reconciliation of financial transactions from various origins, including ATM terminals, POS systems, CBS, Switches, and digital transactions. Its multi-source reconciliation feature enables matching transactions across diverse platforms. CRS oversees the entire reconciliation workflow, encompassing data ingestion, reconciliation, exception handling, and reporting functions. Its dynamic UI adjusts to real-time data fluctuations and user inputs. Moreover, the system offers dynamic functionalities to accommodate evolving industry trends.

Government IT Services

Digital Governance is a core focus area for InfoDevelopers, reflecting the company's dedication to utilizing technology for the betterment of governmental operations and citizen services. Through a range of innovative solutions, InfoDevelopers aims to modernize and optimize various aspects of governance, making processes more efficient, transparent, and accessible to citizens.

Nepal Audit Management System (NAMS)

NAMS owned by “Office of Auditor General of Nepal (OAGN)” and developed by InfoDevelopers Pvt. Ltd efficiently oversees and supervises audit activities.

Company Administration and Management System

The Company Administration Management Information System (CAMIS) is an application designed to maintain records for the Office of the Company Registrar (OCR). The primary goal of CAMIS is to deliver up-to-date company information to the OCR in an organized and dynamic manner.

Centralized Citizenship Information Management System (CCIMS)

The Centralized Citizenship Information Management System (CCIMS) in Nepal offers a comprehensive solution for citizenship matters. It facilitates new citizenship applications, replacements for lost or damaged documents, and updates to ensure accurate records.

Online Recruitment Management System (ORMS)

The ORMS streamlines government job postings across multiple Public Service Commissions, ncluding provincial ones. It enables applicants to register, complete profiles, and apply for vacancies.

Online Police Clearance Registration System (OPCRS)

The OPCRS facilitates the issuance of clearance certificates by Nepal Police. It allows Nepali, Indian, Foreign and Refugee applicants to register profiles and apply for certificates after uploading required documents.

Industrial Information Management System (IIMS)

Industrial Information Management System is owned by Department of Industry which serves multiple purposes aimed at facilitating industrial activities in Nepal. It streamlines the approval process for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country, both for new investments and through the Single Point Approval (SPA) mechanism for existing industries.

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Custom Software Development

InfoDevelopers specializes in custom software development, utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and blockchain to create intelligent, scalable solutions tailored to each client's needs. With a focus on client collaboration and agile methodology, we ensure alignment with business objectives, driving innovation and productivity. Our Web Development services include design, development, and maintenance, catering to various needs from informational sites to e-commerce platforms. Similarly, in Mobile App Development, we prioritize user-centric design and client input to deliver intuitive apps for iOS and Android that exceed expectations and drive engagement. With a commitment to excellence, InfoDevelopers transforms ideas into compelling online experiences that resonate with audiences and deliver tangible results.

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Managed Services (Cloud Services)

We offer a range of cloud services, including cloud migration, deployment, and management. Our cloud solutions help businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, and expand their infrastructure as needed. InfoDevelopers ensures seamless migration whether transitioning existing systems to the cloud or starting afresh. We utilize industry best practices to minimize downtime and maximize performance. The deployment services include configuring cloud environments customized to the specific requirements of each client. InfoDevelopers also provides continuous cloud management services, including monitoring, optimization, and support to guarantee that clients' cloud infrastructure functions at its highest capacity.

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IT Consultancy 

Our expertise lies in offering services to help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure and improve their overall efficiency and productivity. Our team is here to help whether you need assistance with system integration, IT strategy development, or digital transformation. We excel in analyzing existing infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement, and planning strategic roadmaps to align technology initiatives with main business goals. Our approach emphasizes collaboration and a deep understanding of client needs, ensuring that our recommendations are not only effective but also practical and sustainable. By utilizing our expertise, we empower businesses to confidently navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and achieve enduring success.

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    The team at InfoDevelopers is simply the best. We are impressed with InfoDevelopers' attention to detail, consistent availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time. Thanks to everyone at InfoDevelopers for helping us to transform digitally.

    Bobyna Lama

    Manager of Save the Children

    We've been using Infinity Core Banking Solution developed by InfoDevelopers since 7 years and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my institution. We are proud to be the first to launch ATM, Mobile Banking, Missed Call Banking, QR code and Tab Banking with the platform developed by InfoDevelopers. InfoDevelopers has been a trusted partner in our Digital Initiative.

    Madhav Poudel

    Chief Officer of VYCCU Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd.

    Budget 360 has automated our budgeting process with its comprehensive tools. It has streamlined budgeting, from forecasting future trends to real-time expense tracking, ensuring an error-free and smooth budgeting process.

    Ram Kumar Thapa

    Planning, Research & MIS at Rastriya Banijya Bank

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    The convenience of the customers has been of utmost importance to the banks today. Resistance to visit physical bank branches and the need to avoid crowds has led the banks and their customers to perform transactions using online mediums. But, the case is different for areas with less access to the infrastructure where it is difficult for banks to open physical branches. So, how can we include people from rural areas or people with less access to banks in banking transactions? This is where branchless banking/tablet banking comes into action.

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