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Audit Management System (AMS)

Audit Management System is designed to efficiently oversee and monitor all aspects of audit activities within an organization. The system streamlines audit operations from planning to execution and reporting. It enables auditors to conduct risk-based planning, develop annual audit plans, execute audits and follow up on audit findings efficiently. An important aspect of AMS is its capability to facilitate the issuance of audit enquiries and provide templates and responses. This feature enhances communication between auditors and those being audited which further ensures clarity and completeness at every stage of the audit procedure. AMS simplifies the preparation of audit reports, allowing for the creation of both draft and final reports with ease. Moreover, the system offers adaptability to accommodate changes particularly in the context of evolving organizational structures such as the introduction of a new federal structure.

Company Administration and Management System (CAMS)

The Company Administration Management Information System (CAMIS) is a specialized application designed for managing and maintaining records for the “Office of the Company Registrar (OCR)”. The system provides OCR with current and well-organized company information in a dynamic digital format. CAMIS is engineered to systematically track and manage company records within its system, eventually replacing the conventional paper-based methods previously used. The system includes a wide range of data related to both pre- and post-registration stages of the company. CAMIS systematically collects and manages information such as the company’s capital, detailed profiles of shareholders and the company’s objectives. CAMIS serves as a secure repository for vital company data by providing functionalities that facilitate rapid updates, precise reporting and smooth communication between the OCR and the registered companies.

Centralized Citizenship Information Management System (CCIMS)

The Centralized Citizenship Information Management (CCIMS) is a detailed solution designed to streamline and regulate the citizenship distribution process in Nepal. Offering a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of Nepal citizens, CCIMS facilitates smooth and efficient application process for new citizenship, including those by birth, through matrimonial ties or for Non-Residents Nepalis (NRNs). Additionally, in case of lost or damaged citizenship documents, CCIMS simplifies the process of obtaining replacement. CCMIS allows for easy data correction and updates to ensure reliability by keeping the citizenship records up to date. Moreover, CCIMS empowers local wards to securely enroll citizens into the system significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent activities which enhance the overall integrity of citizenship distribution.

Online Recruitment Management System (ORMS)

The ORMS streamlines government job postings across multiple Public Service Commissions, including provincial ones. It enables applicants to register, complete profiles, and apply for vacancies. Admin users can scrutinize and filter eligible applicants for examination attendance. Approved applicants can download their examination admit cards and be assigned to exam centers. The system also tracks attendance and exam results, simplifying the recruitment process.

Online Police Clearance Registration System (OPCRS)

The OPCRS facilitates the issuance of clearance certificates by Nepal Police. It allows Nepali, Indian, Foreign and Refugee applicants to register profiles and apply for certificates after uploading required documents. Internal users verify applicant details against uploaded documents and cross-check for matches in the criminal database. Upon verification, clearance certificates are generated, including any criminal history if present, and dispatched to applicants. The certificates can be downloaded and used for various purposes.

Industrial Information Management System (IIMS)

Industrial Information Management System is owned by Department of Industry which serves multiple purposes aimed at facilitating industrial activities in Nepal. It streamlines the approval process for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country, both for new investments and through the Single Point Approval (SPA) mechanism for existing industries. Additionally, the system handles industry licensing and registration procedures for medium and large-scale industries. It also assists foreign investors by providing visa recommendations and supports post-amendment processes for all registered industries. Furthermore, the system facilitates repatriation for industries, manages Technology Transfer Agreements, and handles unit industry registrations, effectively centralizing and digitizing various aspects of industrial management and administration

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The team at InfoDevelopers is simply the best. We are impressed with InfoDevelopers' attention to detail, consistent availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time. Thanks to everyone at InfoDevelopers for helping us to transform digitally.

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We've been using Infinity Core Banking Solution developed by InfoDevelopers since 7 years and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my institution. We are proud to be the first to launch ATM, Mobile Banking, Missed Call Banking, QR code and Tab Banking with the platform developed by InfoDevelopers. InfoDevelopers has been a trusted partner in our Digital Initiative.

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Budget 360 has automated our budgeting process with its comprehensive tools. It has streamlined budgeting, from forecasting future trends to real-time expense tracking, ensuring an error-free and smooth budgeting process.

Ram Kumar Thapa

Planning, Research & MIS at Rastriya Banijya Bank


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