Infinity stands out as an exceptionally versatile core banking system tailored for Co-operatives & Microfinance Institutions. Engineered to cater unique requirements, the platform fosters their expansion while guaranteeing adherence to regulatory standards. By facilitating access to members through diverse delivery channels, Infinity has strengthened financial institutions operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The Infinity ECOSYSTEM facilitates the digital transformation for Co-operatives & Microfinance Institutions by enabling them to expand financial services, stay informed about market trends, and efficiently manage operations digitally. The system is equipped with advanced technology and smart digital tools, which enable Co-operative & Microfinance Institutions to effectively compete even with Commercial Banks and do well in today’s challenging business environment.

Key Features

Core Finance
Member Management
Supporting Governance
Strong Password Management
Single Periodic Operation
User Friendly
Dynamic Reporting
Audited System

Why Infinity ?

Smooth integration

Integrates easily with multiple Delivery Channels and Office Automation System.

Co-operative Specific Reporting

Designed to meet their distinct needs and preferences.

Strong KYM Management

Effective management of Know Your Member (KYM) protocols, ensuring compliance and security.

Centralized Reconciliation

Simplifies and automates financial matching processes for enhanced efficiency.

Valuable Features, are what makes our product stand out from the rest.

Auto NPA Calculation

Automates the identification of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in banks, facilitating efficient credit risk management and financial stability

Patronage Distribution

Allocation or distribution of special benefits, profits or surplus generated by a cooperative to its members based on their participation or patronage.


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