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Budget 360 offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and financial institutions seeking to streamline budget management. It provides a structured framework for financial planning, tracking actual performance, and forecasting future trends. The system can be integrated with any CBS & others financial systems, promoting efficiency and seamless data flow. Budget 360 also offers real-time data analysis and scenario planning. Users can customize the system, set data alerts, and create personalized reports. Overall, Budget 360 is a valuable tool for optimizing budget management and improving financial performance.

Key Features

Automated Budgeting
Product Based Business Budgeting
Risk Based Budgeting
Assets Budgeting
Strategic Growth Planning
Forecasting Based on Multi Year Historical Data
Controlled Budgeting Based on pre-defined Ratio
Secured system with periodic third-party audit

Why Budget 360 ?

Expense Tracking and Control

Effortlessly monitor and regulate expenses which enhance financial oversight.

Dynamic and Customized Reporting

Flexible reporting capabilities. Generates dynamic reports including Balance Sheet, P/L Accounts and many more.

AI Based Predictive Analysis

Integrates advanced predictive analysis capabilities powered by machine learning algorithms, enabling your organization to forecast budgeted values based on historical data and trends.

Data Export and Import

Smooth integration with external systems. Seamlessly transfer data in and out of Budget 360.

Valuable Features, are what makes our product stand out from the rest.

Budget Constraint

Budget360 enables users to set budget constraints based on available funds, company objectives, and legal regulations which includes parameters like profit percentage and expense ratios.

Flexible Approach

The system supports diverse budgeting approach including Top-Bottom, Bottom-up & Mixed Approach of Budgeting.


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