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Comprehensive Reconciliation System



The CRS (Comprehensive Reconciliation System) is engineered to automate the reconciliation of financial transactions from various origins, including ATM terminals, POS systems, CBS, Switches, and digital transactions. Its multi-source reconciliation feature enables matching transactions across diverse platforms. CRS oversees the entire reconciliation workflow, encompassing data ingestion, reconciliation, exception handling, and reporting functions. Its dynamic UI adjusts to real-time data fluctuations and user inputs. Moreover, the system offers dynamic functionalities to accommodate evolving industry trends.

Key Features

Extracts data from Multiple Source & File Types
Task Management for Unreconciled Items
Seamless Integration with any CBS
Configuration Management
Dynamic Field Configuration
Dynamic Dashboard
Automated Report Suite
Master Data Management

Why Comprehensive Reconciliation System ?

Automated data collection via RPA

This technology ensures timely & accurate data retrieval from various sources reducing errors autonomously.

Utmost Scalability

The system can easily expand or accommodate increasing demands, workload, or users without significant limitations or constraints.

Reconciliation as a Service

We offer Reconciliation as a Service (RaaS) with our cloud-based platform providing automated solutions for reconciliation.

Dynamic UI and Functions

The system has user interface design that responds to user interactions and contextual demands, delivering personalized and user-friendly experiences.

Valuable Features, are what makes our product stand out from the rest.

Dynamic Reconciliation Category Generation

This feature allows to automatically creates reconciliation categories based on evolving needs and data parameters.

Rule Setup

CRS uses rule setup and swap values to automate processes and customize data handling. These include defining rules, defining criteria, triggering actions and offering data transformation and customization options.


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