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Shreesh Prasad Shrestha

Java Developer

I have learned a lot. Since joining info developers about 2 years ago as a fresher, I have come a long way as a professional and I am really grateful to that. I still am learning constantly and wish to continue my development here if possible.

We have good relationships very hard working dedicated managers, knows how to handle the situations and grab the opportunity. We do have good developers.

Abin Khatiwada

Senior Developer

I am growing career wise because I get chance to learn and implement new technology. Entire project is on your shoulder, so you learn to be responsible. I get chance to work on every task involved during project life cycle.

I think, as of now, our strength is our position in software industry and our capacity to win projects. I feel management is hardworking and dedicated in delivering solutions.

Nina Siwakoti

Database Developer

I am constantly meeting ne challenges which has helped me learn a lot and grow within my work.

Here, people are highly versatile, great at learning new things, naturally curious and enjoy new things.

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