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About us

Quality service with innovative technology

At InfoDevelopers, we continuously work to ensure that our services are maintained at the highest possible level of reliability and satisfaction.

Our Story

Info developers started as a collaboration of like-minded people who dreamt of providing undebated, unaltered and excellence in banking and financial automation system analysis, development and implementation and support activities

Our Mission & Vision

Every about us page exists to let users know about the company and what they do.

Our Mission

To solve complex problems utilizing the prevailing and leading technologies to empower people, businesses, and machines.

Our Vision

We have a vision to create powerful software with imagination and leading technologies, for people and machines to work together

Our Values

Client First

Powering Different Businesses

Our clients, like our people are our most treasured assets uis maximus ligula non blandit vulpuconsequaeugiat toortor.

FINSYS is a unique and proven automation solution for financial institutions, whose design is unmatched with other products available in the market in term of price and features.

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Infinity is a comprehensive Core Banking Solution aimed at meeting the increased requirements of the financial institutions. Built on the latest technology platform, the solution offers unparalleled scalability and security to banks.

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EMPOWER is an Integrated Banking Information Software, unique software which can be used for both commercial banking and Microfinance banking system, whose design is unmatched with other products available in the market in term of price and features.

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The business philosophy of the company is to lay emphasis on Human Values and Personal Relations.

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WEALTH is a generic & highly parameterized software solution which is a "must have" tool for portfolio & mutual fund managers" It automates the overall portfolio transactions and the same time provides the in depth analysis power.

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